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How the Tennessee Business Court Affects the Business Community

By Matthew M. Lubozynski

handshakeWhen business disputes cannot be resolved by negotiation or arbitration, the parties involved often turn to litigation. However, these business disputes frequently involve complex, time-consuming and costly proceedings that would be more appropriate in a specialized forum.

To better serve the litigation needs of Tennessee businesses, the Tennessee Supreme Court recently joined 26 other states in creating Tennessee’s first Business Court to focus exclusively on such difficult and complex business litigation.

The Davidson County Business Court pilot project started in May with the goal of attracting and retaining businesses throughout Tennessee by facilitating business litigation efficiently and effectively with more predictable and consistent results. Although the Business Court is located in Davidson County, any case in Tennessee that meets certain criteria can be transferred to that court.

There are a number of requirements for a case to be eligible for the Business Court. First, taking a case to the Business Court is voluntary, thus the parties to the action must Continue reading