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High court invalidates some business methods, leaving some uncertainty

By: William S. Parks*

Another chapter in the continuing saga of business method patents was recently added with the Supreme Court’s Alice v. CLS Bank decision. Prior decisions had given credence to the concept that adding a computer or some other type of transformative quality to a method of ostensibly handling a business-like process was sufficient for patenting purposes (or, at least to move past the threshold question of whether the claimed method met the basic patentability criteria of 35 §101). In addition, certain court opinions had appeared to establish a definition of an “abstract idea” in the patent realm. Since long-held and followed principles have refused patent protection to methods based strictly on abstract considerations, the coupling of a computer-transformative action appeared to provide a basis for inventors to move forward in this area. With Alice, however, the Supreme Court has apparently done away with this well-understood patenting basis.

The Alice decision concerned an infringement claim on several business method patents that claimed schemes for mitigating settlement risks within financial exchange agreements. Basically, the overall method concerned the Continue reading

Protect your business from the heavy toll of abusive patent litigation

By Stephen C. Hall

I recently wrote a column with my Partner, Andrew Campbell, a member of the Litigation & Dispute Resolution Service Team, for News and Tribune‘s Southern Indiana Business Source.  The article, “Protect your business from the heavy toll of abusive patent litigation,” describes the growing threat of Patent Assertion Entities and provides answers for companies that may be faced with potential PAE litigation.

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Legislation Could Hurt Songwriters, Listeners

By Will Gibbons

Recently, I wrote a column titled “Legislation could hurt songwriters, listeners” for The Commercial Appeal.  In this piece, a Special to the news publication, I discuss the possible implications of the Songwriter Equity Act, a bill under consideration in Congress.

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Analysis: The Washington Redskins trademark case — landmark decision or momentary legal fracas?

By Carl Eppler

I recently wrote an analysis of the Washington Redskins trademark case that was published in the Nashville Post.  The article, “Analysis: The Washington Redskins trademark case – landmark decision or momentary legal fracas?” examines the controversial case, and explains the legal process and implications of the ruling. 

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